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NSYP Tertiary Scholarship

As a beneficiary of a distance education, I'm an advocate for any program that puts higher learning within reach.

The New Seasons Youth Program (to be referred to hereafter as NSYP) is one such program, sponsored by a the similarly named New Seasons Youth Program Inc., non-profit. The scholarships on offer provide opportunities at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

How do you qualify for this scholarship?

  • You'll need to be a high school graduate

  • Have maintained at least a B average in National examinations

  • Strongly recommended that a minimum Combined Test Score 1150 has been attained in the SAT examination

  • Demonstrated leadership in School, community or church

  • Be from a "severly" disadvantaged background

What is the scholarship package?

  • Free airfare and ground transport to the city of the college/university

  • Fees associated with Visa, passport and college application will be covered by NSYP

  • Clothing and incendental stipends

  • NSYP will provide medical health care

  • Assignment to a host family that will act as a support system

  • Pairing with a church to provide spiritual guidance

How do you apply?

  • Visit the NSYP website:

  • Click "Student Application" from the top menu

  • Scroll down and click the "Application Form" button. It is advisable that you also review the "Application Checklist" before completing the form.

For a more detailed account of the experience of a Jamaican scholarship recipient, I've linked the article that brought this scholarship to my attention: Video testimonials can also be found on NSYP Co-Founder, Ray Jackson's YouTube Channel:

NSYP Inc. has a FaceBook page is also active and NSYP Co-Founder, Ray Jackson regular posts may provide some added insight regarding this scholarship.

With 4 Jamaican awardees to date the hope is that this program can prove beneficial to many more.

Good luck!

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