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La Bride Sur Le Cou (1961) NEW!

One of the less tacky anecdotes that Roger Vadim tells in his memoir, Bardot, Deneuve, Fonda, is set in the stormbound Alpine hotel that he used as a production base for La Bride sur le Cou (1961), a vehicle for the first of his ex-wives. Brigitte Bardot, under the impression that the hotel is about to be sucked into the stratosphere like Dorothy's farmstead in The Wizard of Oz, has just finished drafting her will. She goes looking for her former husband in order to propose that they celebrate the apparently imminent end of the world. Opening the door of the games room, she discovers Vadim and his teenage girlfriend, Catherine Deneuve, hunched over the baize: Vadim has removed his shoes and pullover; Deneuve is wearing only her pants and socks. "I can see you're not bored in here," says Bardot. "We're playing strip billiards," explains Vadim.

La Bride Sur Le Cou (1961)

Il est bien clair qu'il y a du poète en moi. J'aime la nature, j'arrive à le dire assez souvent. J'écris des textes qu'on peut qualifier de poétiques... Des amis me reprochent de ne pas laisser assez souvent la bride sur le cou à mon côté poète... 041b061a72


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