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Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 6 Free Online

There was only one thing Sons of Anarchy really needed to do this season after the school shooting in its premiere, and that was to justify it within the show's world. Amazingly, "Salvage" did everything it needed to make that shooting matter, not only in the context of the season but relating to SAMCRO as well. As noted in other episodes this season, Sons of Anarchy's biggest triumph this year was bringing things back to club, and incorporating elements from the past, like the connection with the Irish. And while Eli told Jax that things looked like the same old stuff SAMCRO was usually involved with, Jax's speech at the table told a different story. Hit the jump for why "SAMCRO's future is in pussy, not bullets."

sons of anarchy season 7 episode 6 free online

There are many fans who abandoned Sons before this season, and I can understand why. The premiere and the first few episodes did little to make us believe in the show again. But in these last few weeks, and particularly with "Salvage," the show is back to where it started. It's funny, it's emotional, it's about brotherhood and justice. Yes, there's a lot in there still that keeps Sons from being a top tier series, but there was no better title for this week's hour. The show and the club have been salvaged. For now. Let's hope it holds.


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