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After the initial announcement, Harmonix intended to support the Rock Band Network for Xbox 360 so long as the backend tools were still supported; however, due to technical issues and the company allocating its resources to other projects, Harmonix terminated support for the RBN in September 2014.[9] Additionally, RBN ports to the PlayStation 3 have ended on April 2, 2013 along with regular DLC.[10][11] Rock Band Network content is not forward-compatible with Rock Band 4. Harmonix stated that they would explore the logistics of bringing RBN songs over to Rock Band 4 once core DLC and previous game exports are all addressed; however, all RBN content was delisted on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms in February 2018. Harmonix initially reported in March 2018 that Xbox 360 users would not be able to recover their RBN content via the Xbox 360's download history due to technical issues, with Harmonix recommending that users back up their RBN song libraries to an external storage device; however, Harmonix subsequently reported in June 2018 that Xbox 360 users are now able to re-download their RBN content as needed.[12][13] In May 2018, Harmonix announced that they have secured licensing for a portion of the Rock Band Network library to be released as regular DLC; however, entitlements for re-released RBN content would not be supported due to technical and licensing restrictions.[14]

Silent Hill 5 Homecoming Hack Tool Download

As promising as this new direction looked, it's dead in the water, and P.T. can no longer be downloaded. Lance McDonald, who is one of the lucky people to still have P.T. on his PlayStation 4 five years after it was removed, just made a startling discovering in the game. McDonald, who runs a Patreon that explores "video game hacking, modding, and exploration videos," hacked P.T. to show players what happens when the camera faces in different directions as the scares are unfolding.


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