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The playable build starts off at Fractured Peaks with my hero's horse being killed leaving him in a cave all by himself for the night. From the caves emerged the first destination, Nevesk, a very small town in which things aren't as they appear Diablo IV Gold. Lilith is already making an effect on the people who lived there, and her true power lies in her ability to make people indulge their dark side. This was the first encounter my character was able to have with other NPCs as well as it was clear that the developers would like to give the hero more of a part in the narrative by having their own dialogue as well as playing a part in the cutscenes.

In the city of Nevesk in which Lilith's impact on the people of Sanctuary is revealed. There's more to her other than being evil, which makes her apart as an intriguing opponent when compared to the other Great Evils in previous Diablo games. Although her final plan isn't clear until the beginning of the game Her presence is felt and was done deliberately so by the development team.

"By having you unravel the story of what's going on and how it affects the world, and you'll get to understand her motives" said game director Joe Shely. "You will be able to discern the goals she's trying to achieve and you get to get more connected to her . And maybe there's even a little vagueness there that you're thinking: watch Star Wars and go like that Vader could be right. I think that notion of being able to spend more time the bad guys means that you'll have a more satisfying end to play through the story throughout the story."

Diablo 4 doesn't stray from the hack-and-slash style that the series is famous for, but movement feels more fluid and active due to the evade option. The first time it was introduced within Diablo 3, the evade button is more easily integrated into the sequel. Certain enemies broadcast their attacks that allow players to move away. The developers suggest that as players level up, other alternatives to dodge and avoid, for example, being able to dodge multiple times at the same time buy Diablo 4 Gold, can be unlocked.


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