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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia(2005)

30. "gilmore girls: a house is not a home" (the wb)(originally aired: may 17, 2005)Reason #1 why it's crazy the Emmys continue to snub Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and the show in general.29. "gilmore girls: let me hear your balalaikas ringing out" (the wb)(originally aired: november 8, 2005)Reason #2 why it's crazy the Emmys continue to snub Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and the show in general.28. "how i met your mother: the pineapple incident" (cbs)(originally aired: november 28, 2005)For me, this was the episode where the show really found its voice as Ted struggles to recall the events of the previous night, not to mention how a pineapple inexplicably found its way into his room.27. "it's always sunny in philadelphia: gun fever" (fx)(originally aired: august 30, 2005)The image of Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Dennis (Glenn Howerton) gleefully firing a handgun into a tree stump in the basement of their bar still makes me giggle to this day.26. "monk: mr. monk goes to the office" (usa)(originally aired: july 29, 2005)Monk working undercover in an office - only to find he actually fits in - has to be one of the funniest and most clever episodes of the show to date.25. "prison break: odd man out" (fox)(originally aired: november 21, 2005)Holy crap moment from "Prison Break" thus far #1: T-Bag cutting Abruzzi's throat.24. "prison break: pilot" (fox)(originally aired: august 29, 2005)Holy crap moment from "Prison Break" thus far #2: The big tattoo reveal.23. "scrubs: my life in four cameras" (nbc)(originally aired: february 15, 2005)A real testament to how clever "Scrubs" can be, this episode saw J.D. (Zach Braff) imagine what his life would be like if he was in a sitcom - and went so far as to film a portion of it as a sitcom.22. "the shield: ain't that a shame" (fx)(originally aired: june 14, 2005)"The Shield" finales are always pitch perfect as various storylines close - both Capt. Rawling and Antwon Mitchell (Glenn Close, Anthony Anderson) are sent packing - while new ones open - the investigation into Vic's team.21. "eyes: shots" (abc)(originally aired: april 27, 2005)Here's why I desperately miss this show - when Harlan (an awesome Tim Daly) loses Leslie (Laura Leighton) to her on-again/off-again boyfriend, he literally tells her how pissy and angry he is about it.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(2005)



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