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My name is André Smith. I'm a father, a husband and a life-long student of Mathematics that was lucky enough to teach Mathematics for 18 years at the Secondary and Tertiary levels.

This website is my jab at detailing Mathematics history while expanding on concepts. Ideally, I want readers to grow in their appreciation for the real-life circumstances that birthed concepts that seem abstract when discussed in a classroom.

If we're able to generate discussions and provoke thought that would be a bonus but a bridge between the wholly historical recounting of Mathematicians and their contributions and the calculation-laden textbooks we are used to is the happy medium I'd like to strike. 

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The Story

I've never thought of myself as being necessarily a better Mathematician than my peers, but I always held an active interest in the "why?" of things. I believe that the disconnect with Mathematics for many people comes from not understanding that the discovery of theories that we've been asked to accept is rife with trial and error.


I allude to this belief in one of the Secondary Math blogs, by stating that "no path of proper discovery is linear, exploration by definition requires you to deviate from the beaten path and Mathematics is no different. This for me is the true beauty of the subject beyond ironclad rules and prescribed steps to some answer, I've always wanted to hear about the stories behind the discoveries. The human, fallible and at some points scandalous stories behind the neat and tidy questions and answers that are associated with our subject."

This website stems from a desire to provide more context to Mathematical ideas and where possible ground these lofty ideas in the human experience.

If any of these articles inspire further inquiry into a Mathematical topic or simply makes a concept more relatable, this mission would be one I'd consider accomplished.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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